Sunday, April 10, 2011

CXC Past Papers - CSEC/CAPE Exams

We have been searching assiduously for CXC past papers 2010 and earlier, for both the CSEC and CAPE exams, as per the request of some of our readers. We do believe that it is not too late to start studying for this year's exams, so we will do whatever we can to assist you first class procrastinators. Again we advise, less Facebook, television, partying, video games, football, basketball and idling on the street after school.  Here are your options:
  1. Purchase the CSEC/CAPE booklets printed by the official publishers of CXC printed materials, Ian Randle Publishers. These booklets typically can be found at bookstores across the island. 
  2. Newspapers. A few publish exam tutorials and questions each week. Check them out. 
  3. Use your Facebook network of friends for something useful, for once! Ask around for booklets from persons who may have done the exam a year or two prior. Candidates are usually allowed to leave the exam room with the non-multiple choice papers, so you might be able to find a few persons who can still find theirs.
  4. Are you a part of a service club or similar organization at your high school? KeyClub, Rotaract, Student Council etc...The members of the executive bodies of these clubs/groups are usually well connected in the school. Ask them to organize a "past paper drive", asking the student population to  bring in past papers from relatives, friends and past students who sat exams recently.
  5. Good old Google. We conducted our online search and found a number of websites offering lessons or past papers in some shape or form. Here are a few we found interesting:
    • Youth Link Jamaica - The "youth" arm of The Gleaner. Here you will find lessons and practice questions for a number of subjects, similar to what is published in the paper each week.
    • Caribbean Exams - This website offers a subscription service to access exam questions. Good news! There is  a FREE trial which is apparently sponsored by "numerous Caribbean organizations". Make use of it!
    • Carib Exams - This is a useful online forum for exam candidates which happens to also offer a few  free video tutorials.
    • CXC Past Papers - Now, here is a tricky one. This website offers quite a number of "free CXC past papers". There is also a wonderful disclaimer: " does not create, copy or distribute any past papers. No past papers are held within this website for public use. only provides links to papers which are created by other parties and are stored on other websites." Simply put, remember a few paragraphs above when we established that CXC has an official publisher for its past papers? Well this company here isn't it. The past papers aside, you can find quite a number of useful articles about preparing for your exams, taking good notes, managing exam anxiety and studying secrets.
    • YouTube - You had better believe it! In addition to the latest Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj, Rihanna, Vybz Kartel,  Kanye West, Bruno Mars and Lil Wayne music videos, wait for it...wait for can also find video tutorials for a number of subjects on YouTube. We found this Mathematics video, and there are tons more like it.
Get some studying done this week please! 

StudyInJamaica Team

"Procrastination is opportunity's assassin."  ~Victor Kiam

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